Diyaluma Waterfall Sri Lanka : Magical Infinity Pools

Diyaluma Waterfall - Magical Infinity Pools

Visit our Destination Page – Ella

Visit our Destination Page – Diyaluma Waterfall in Sri Lanka


Ella – 38KM 

Haputale – 28.5KM

Best Course

Ella to Poonagala (Poonagala Route)

Ella via A23 onto A4 (Koslanda Route)

Haputale via Beragala onto A4




If you are at Haputale and google maps shows a road via dambetenne road – Avoid it, there is no proper road after lipton seat (Been there, done that, almost lost two tires, manage to get out with one flat tire – Laughing out loud, in hindsight :D)

Diyaluma Waterfall Sri Lanka is 220 m high and the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 361st highest waterfall in the world. It is situated 6 km away from Koslanda in Badulla District on Colombo-Badulla highway.

Infinity Pools  & Breathtaking Views

How do I reach Diyaluma Falls?

You can use a tuktuk or your own vehicle. Driving there is a breeze if you stick to the main roads. Depending on your current location you can head there via Ella (from Ella – 38KM) or from Haputale.(from Haputale – 28.5KM).

Point of caution to those heading towards Diyaluma from Haputale. If you are at Haputale, as we were camping off dambetenne road, google maps will show a route via dambetenne road – Avoid it at all costs, there is no proper road after lipton seat. The road will first change to a concrete road with sharp edges which are a nightmare for your tire and you are bound to get stranded without a soul in sight.(Our tires were damaged and barely made to back to a place where we could get some assistance).

Your exact destination depends on how you intend to trek to Diyaluma Falls. There are two options,




is a trek downhill along the “upper diyaluma trek” footpath from Makaldeniya Junction. It is past the town of Poonagala, roughly a 30min trek from there. To get here, you will have to head to Poonagala town and the ride might not be as easy but the final trek would be. The tuk-tuk drivers will know the exact place at Makaldeniya Junction to drop you off at. Even google maps show the upper diyaluma trekking pathway, therefore it shouldn’t be too hard too find. However, remember to make sure that you to tell your driver that you intend to trek downhill or the easy pathway through Poonagala.




trek uphill from Koslanda, roughly a 1-2hr strenuous uphill trek. You will have to head towards the town of Wellawaya on A23 and then turn on to A4 towards Koslanda

How do I reach the top?

Note: Your guide (if you choose to have one) will drive his tuk-tuk until where the road ends near several houses. The guide will accompany you to all the natural pools and will wait for you and bring you back to your starting point.

Option 1:

So once you arrive at Makaldeniya Junction past Poonagal Town to will have to follow the beaten path for about 40 minutes. Eventually, you will reach the upper most section or pools first. You can enjoy a short break there and then proceed to the infinity pools further down stream.


Option 2: Hiking up from the bottom 

We drove from Ella to Diyaluma through Wallawaya.

The trip there was pretty smooth. The final stretch closing in on Diyaluma falls is heavily forested and it quit easy to miss the access road up. As this was our first trip there, we decided to find a guide rather than get lost.

Lets stick to the maid road for now and I will get back to the access road soon. If you drive straight to Diyaluma Falls, the main road will pass almost beneath it and you will end up reaching the foot of the waterfall. There is a stretch of shops adjoining the the bridge under the waterfall and you can buy some refreshments there. We bought some “Thambili” (King Coconut) and “Belli Mal” while waiting for the guide. Although there isn’t much space to park cars, we managed to park close to the shops. The owners promised to keep an eye out.

Viewed from beneath the imposing waterfall stands like a silent giant. Hidden at the summit is its true beauty and our final destination, the infinity pools. If one wishes to simply observe Diyaluma from a far or as you simply pass by it would simply be a missed opportunity that comes once in a lifetime for a foreign traveller.

A guide

Our journey begins with questions and inquiry on how to get to be summit. If there aren’t any tuktuks around the shop owners will quickly inform them of a potential client wanting to head up. We had to bargain a bit but ultimately decided not to push the issue and settled on a decent price based on our budget. The prices will always be for a round trip if you want a guide. If you do want to go alone you can do so, many locals and tourist do not bother to look guides and save a buck or two in the process. As I mentioned before this was our first visit we chose to explore and learn the pathway up with a guide.

The Hike Up

After grabbing our cameras and swim wear, we got on a Tuktuk that headed back towards that road up hill that we passed on our way here. Remember the forested area just before we came upon Diyaluma. So after traveling about … there is a clear road heading up the mountain. The road will wither away gradually until you reach an open are with houses on both sides. This is where you leave the vehicle and hike upwards. The hike is around 2km up the mountain.

We then proceeded to go towards the house. (You will feel weird going through someones yard and property, but if your hiking here you will do this more often than not. Be kind, polite and greet them with a smile. They know the drill) You have to get to the back end of these houses on the left to find the pathway up the mountain. When you hug the left side wall of the house, you will have to walk past a water tank and go down several steps then go past  a small stream of water. Then you keep on heading along the pathway until you are at the top.

Once you reach the cleared Area at the top you will have to stick left. You first get a glimpse of the upper section of the waterfall. You can either head up first and gradually head towards the edge where the iconic infinity pools are.

Advice: Get there early with ample time left you to stay and enjoy the natural pools, snaps your pics, fly your drones. Remember to carry your own water and food. Be mindful of the water speeds during the rainy seasons as it would be dangerous to bath in the infinity pools.

Visit our Destination Page – Diyaluma Waterfall in Sri Lanka

The Complex

Diyaluma Falls, for me, can be divided into four main sections.

The Upper Most Pools

The Middle Pools

The Lower Pools

The Giant Waterfall




The Upper Falls : 

Consisting of the Upper most and middle pools. This is the first part of the falls you glimpse when you arrive at the top. The top most pool is quite shallow with a small water stream flowing into it. There are two more pools just short distance down stream which are shown below.




The Middle Pools:

Once you head down a bit along the stream you come up to the middle section which is the section that you see for the first time . This section is steep and staggered. There are two pool in which you can bath in. Those you dare can jump in.

Advice : Although the sliding 10-15ft along the upper granite slope into the upper most pool is rather harmless, utmost importance must be given to your own safety if you dare diving into these pools. The guides are the best source of information on what you can do and what you should not do.

The Lower Pools : Heading down further after you have had your fun you arrive at the those iconic infinity pools and breathtaking views. The stream runs along an extended portion of flat terrain till it reaches the final pools. There are two pools which you can easily bath in with the outlet of the second pool being naturally narrow. This give a sense of security knowing that the narrow space is a safe barrier between you and the final pool which drops of the cliff.

Note: I have seen daredevils you have ventured on to the final pool and the very edge. I do not recommend that you do it.

Advice : Please be mindful of the water level and the currents during the rainy season, as this would make the pool way to dangerous to bath in.

Visit our Destination Page – Diyaluma Waterfall in Sri Lanka

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