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Sri Lankas cuisine is as unique, vibrant and as adventurous and packs a hefty punch no matter what you choose to try. The foodies and globe trotters are bound to find overlaps with other cultures but they will have their own unique twist, refined and adopted to suit the local Sri Lankan palate. There will be shortage of use of spices in our curries to arouse that aromatic sense of anticipation just before the flavours itself erupt in to a dance that stimulate those nerve ending driving impulses into your brain.

So we decided that we should  list out the best Sri Lankan food that you should try while you are in Sri Lanka. You can navigate through the different categories from best meals to individual dishes Sri Lankan culture has to offer. Remember that all curries taste best when they are warm freshly out from the kitchen (Once everything cools down there it just not the same)

Meal List

Rice and Curry Meal ( go for a full meal where they serve portions of several different curries)

Milk Rice with Seeni Sambol, Lunu Miris and Jaggery

Egg Hoppers with Seeni Sambol and Luni Miris

String Hoppers with Pol Sambol, Egg Curry or Dhal Curry, Chicken Curry

Fresh Roast Bread with Pol Sambol, Dhal Curry and Chicken Curry

Pittu with Coconut Milk and Lunu Miris

Crab Curry with Roast bread


Thosai with sambol

Ulundu Wade with sambol

Ala Thosai



Pol Rotti with Potatos


The Common Curry Family

Dhal Curry (Parrippu Curry)

Chicken Curry (Kukul Mas Curry)

Beef Curry (Harak Mas Curry)

Pork Curry (Uru Mas Curry)

Potato Curry

Egg Curry

Fish Curry

Salmon Curry

Crab Curry

Prawn Curry

Kadju Maluwa

Beet Root Curry

Murunga Curry

Bean Curry

Carrot Curry

The Devilled & Fried Family

Chicken Devil

Beef Devil

Pork Devil

Prawn Devil

Fried Mushrooms

Devilled Mushrooms

Hot Butter Cuttlefish

Fried Onion Rings

Hot Butter Mushrooms

Hot Butter Prawns

Sweet & Sour Dishes

Fried Omelets

Sambols & Chutneys

Coconut Sambol (Pol Sambol)

Seeni Sambol

Chillie Paste

Dry Fish Chillie Paste(Umbalakada Chillie Paste)

Mango Chutney

Lunu Miris

Ulundu wade Sambol

Gottu Kol Sambol

Wambatu Moju



Cassava Chips

Parrippu Wade

Chinese Rolls

Egg Rolls



Isso Wade

Boiled Corn

Uludu Wade

Mini Pol Rotti

Vegetable Rotti

Fish Rotti

Curd and Kithul Treacle

Vanilla Ice Cream with Kithul Treacle


King Coconut Water (Thembili)

Lime Juice

Water Melon Juice

Milk Tea (Kiri The)

Plain Tea (Plain T)

Woodapple Juice

Milk Coffee (Kiri Kopi)


Best Sri Lankan Food

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